One Sock Days….

My 14 year old boy is really something else. He in his normal fashion was running late. I had caught a hold of him as was ready to dash off to school, and told him – “Nope, I don’t care how late you are, you don’t leave without brushing your teeth!” Of course I get the “Ahh, Mom”…stomp, stomp, stomp. Now, I am on to something, so as he exits the rest room, I notice that he is not wearing his hearing aides. He tells me (as if this will make it okay), “I can’t find the batteries”. To that I reply, “Well, son you know the rules. You aren’t to leave the house without your hearing aides. Go find ’em”.  Now he is furious and the other kids leave without him. “But I am going to be late!” “Then you better hurry!” Needless to say he finds them, and rushes off thru the house……Only to be stopped by my fiance’ at the front door as he came in. “Dude, aren’t you wearing socks?” “YES! See, I have one!”  At this point I could not help but to just bust up in laughter. One sock! Really? How is one sock ever okay?

Well, of course we know that it’s not. But how many times have we not followed thru all the way with something, knowing that it’s not okay, but just hoping that we won’t get caught at the door.

In reflection I could honestly say I saw that boy acting just like his mother.  Granted I don’t leave the house with one sock!  That would be ridiculous.  I know I would be caught.  Right?  But what short cut am I taking thinking that no one knows about?  Or so I think that no one knows about…..

My son came home that day with a whole new attitude.  He informed me that there will be no more “One Sock Days”.  I too shared, Yes hun, no more one sock days fore sure – for the both of us.

2 thoughts on “One Sock Days….

  1. LOL, kids!!! It’s what I so often think when I see my pupils in class doing something that’s actually not okay … I did the same thing when I was their age. Sometimes you just have to turn a blind eye 😉

    • Oh I know! I choose and pick my battles. It is key in keeping my mind. And somethings you just have to laugh at. In his defense in this scenario, I never told him it was a “rule” not to leave the house wearing one sock!

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