Showing Love does not keep the person your “loving” from judgement…only sharing the Gospel can give the person an opportunity to choose salvation. Let’s not keep the opportunity from them in our desire to simply show “love”….

Truth in Grace

When I first started witnessing I assumed that when I ran into Christians, they would cheerfully offer their encouragement and prayers. That hasn’t turned out to be the case, and I’ve come to dread running into Christians, because most say I don’t witness properly. It’s almost certain that they’ll say the Bible doesn’t even tell us to witness. They say we should live a good Christian life, and people will be drawn to that, and ask us what makes us tick. That’s called lifestyle evangelism, and it seems to be very popular.

Here is a Youtube video by an author who wrote a book on evangelism. He explains why we shouldn’t witness the way we always have (and the way Jesus and the apostles did). I wouldn’t recommend watching it unless you really want to, but he says that his interpretation of the Great Commission shows that Christians shouldn’t witness…

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What kind of LOVE is this?


My husband often tells me that I just have “no clue” how much he loves me.  I honestly did not understand why he felt the need to communicate this to me….and more importantly just what was I supposed to do with this message?  I just simply could not process this statement.

The other night I found myself watching the movie Fireproof.  Even though I have seen it many times I found myself glued to each word.  I often get teased by my family on how I can watch a movie a dozen times like it’s the first.  However this time I tuned into a new perspective, which lead to new questions.  I questioned why couldn’t Catherine not see Caleb’s love and devotion?  What was stopping her from receiving his love?  Then like a slap on the back of my head…..DING!  She just simply could not process his message.  Once she did….well you know if you’ve seen the movie, and if not well I am not going to give it away.  🙂

Tonight I was drawn to re-read one of my most favorite yet tragic love stories in the Bible, Hosea and Gomer. It was referenced in detail in a movie the kids were watching.  If you are unfamilar with the story you can find it in the Old Testament.  Here is a simple summary:  The first part of Hosea records the tragic story of the prophet’s unhappy marital experiences. Hosea’s wife, Gomer, whom he married in good faith, proved to be an adulterous woman. Three children were born to her, but they were not Hosea’s. Because of Gomer’s unfaithfulness, the prophet divorced his wife and lived apart from her. Following her separation from the home, Gomer continued her adulterous life and eventually was scarcely different from an ordinary slave. But Hosea still loved her in spite of her unfaithfulness. To rescue her from her lovers, he sought her out and purchased her freedom. [1]

I do not think Gomer could process Hosea’s love for her.  I am not sure that she ever did, even after her rescue, unlike the character Catherine in the movie Fireproof, she finally got it.  Her acceptance of Caleb’s love prevented their divorce.  Despite Gomer’s refusal of Hosea’s love his love remained the same.  True love is not dependent on being received in order to remain.  Let me say that again, True love is not dependent on being received in order to remain.

This is true of God’s love for us.  His love never changes, no matter our actions.  We can always return to him, He is always there.  He is just waiting for us to process His message.  Even if we love never failsreject Him, He still loves us the same.  Until we can fully realize God’s love, we remain handicapped in loving others AND in receiving true love.  Even with God’s love it takes more then Love to keep the relationship from becoming broken.  Just as in any relationship it takes more then just love to make it work.  It takes work-hard work, initiative, discipline,  and commitment.

So back to my husband….He probably is right, for I have not known true love (the kind that remains) from a man.  But I was fortunate that the Lord brought me a man that truly does understand Love as God designed it.  Therefore I am not sure how to process his love…but the message is being received and will be fully realized in time.  I am a very blessed wife.