How I Almost Allowed My HopeTo Be Murdered (Orig posting date 7/22/11)

I have always cherished my hope.  My hope has kept my chin up and my heart warm thru some very trying and dark times…Until recently.

I wasn’t seeking (isn’t that when it always happens!), totally caught off guard.  That was problem #1, we must always be on guard.  Within a few months I found myself deeply falling for someone. ❤

Then my hope for finding someone eventually evolved into having my hope in this person.  Problem #2.

There were some very real challenges from the beginning, and I was completely aware of how that would try my patience, my understanding.  What I did not realize is that I was putting my hope on the line.  Problem #3.

Without going into detail (out of respect for that person), I need to tell you that despite my acknowledgement of the challenges, and yet it was still a very young relationship (only 4 months), I was absolutely devastated over the breakup.  I was angry.  Just plain smashed if you will.  I could not understand why.  It really was not a huge loss.  So I had to ask myself why?  Why the hurt?  Why the anger?  Why so crushed?

Then I realized I was losing my hope.  The hope that the Lord had someone just for me.  The hope that I could be loved, cared for by another.  Let God shaped hopeme tell you the feeling of loss hope is a deeply dark and devastating feeling.  Losing your hope is equal to dealing with a truly broken heart.  So how could a mere man steal my hope?  I know better then that.  Real hope, true hope only lies with the one and only true God.  We must cherish, protect that hope.

My friends stepped up and reminded me of who I am.  The Lord reminded me of the hope I have in Him, and Him alone.  I will never again give or place my hope into a mere man.

But those who HOPE in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow faint. ISA 40:31


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